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Annual Conference 2001

Over 100 Arborists and tree care specialists from around Louisiana attended the 5th annual conference held at the Marriott Hotel  in Baton Rouge on January 20th.

Members and Attendees Listen to the Instructors

Many types of equipment were provided by the sponsors for a "hands on" look.

Arborist 2001 Tree Service Equipment
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Training in Rigging and Climbing were the focal points of this years meeting.
Techniques were presented by
Tom Dunlap, Canopy Tree Care, Minneapolis, MN;
Doctor John Ball, South Dakota State
Glen Wilson, LSU

Rigging for Safe Climbing Indoors?

Climbing and Rigging in the Marriott

John Ball and Glen Wilson
John Ball and Glen Wilson
Inside Work
Workin' on the Inside
John Ball and Glen Wilson
Riggin' for a Climb
Riggin' to climb
Climbing class begins
Tom Dunlap
Tom Hangin' round
Glen Wilson Using Friction Savers
Using Friction Savers
Double Crotching Technique
Double and Triple Crotching
Toms demonstrates a Split Tail
Tom Makes a Point

Rigging for Safe Climbing Outdoors!

Tools of the Trade
Tom Shows Tools of the Trade
Tom does pre-climb inspection
 Outside the Marriott Hotel
Checking rope placement
Checking rope placement before the climb
Tom in the tree
In the tree
Tom Dunlap
Setting up a redirect
Look Ma, NO Spurs!
Tom moves around 
Still no Spurs!
the tree without spurs !!!

Changing the Guard
President for 2000 Ed LeBlanc ends his term as Ted Harbourt begins 2001

Ed Leblanc: 2000 Ted Harbourt:2001
Ed and Ted Pass the Gavel
Steve Kurtz Master of Ceremonies and Secretary LAA
Ed Leblanc     Ted Harbourt       Presidents Pass the Gavel                Steve Shurtz
                                                                  with one to keep                Master of Ceremonies

Awards were presented to individuals and company representatives for  their dedication to our Louisiana tree heritage.

Mr. Sam Robins Receives the Presidents Award
Sam B. Robins receives the President's Award for over 50
years of professional tree care services while his children
and grandchildren look on.
Milton and Ellie Seiler - Caretakers of  National Champion Live Oak The Seven Sisters
Ken Wheeler Louisiana Arborist Emeritus
Chalmette Refining, LLC - Care of Packenham Live Oaks
Milton and Ellie Seiler
Caretakers of Louisiana's 
Historic National Champion Live Oak
"The Seven Sisters"

Ken Wheeler
Louisiana Arborist Emeritus
Founding Member LAA


 Chalmette Refining, LLC
Care and Protection
Packenham Live Oaks


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